Monday, April 29, 2013

Long time no see- check out Tumbleweed Tiny Houses!

Hey everyone!  So sorry for the long absence, but things around here in Boston have been, shall we say, a little Crazy!  During stressful, dangerous times, my creative juices dry up- but I am now in recovery mode and ready to start again.

I am jumping back on to share about a workshop I attended this weekend- Tumbleweed Tiny Houses!  Honesty, I don't think I have ever wanted to build much of anything in my life, but after sitting through two full days (yes, two full days) listening to this magnificent presenter (Ella) and meeting a load of fantastic folks attending the workshop- I am on board!  My hope is to some day build a Tumbleweed studio/ guest house in a backyard somewhere near a coastline- wouldn't that be idyllic??  Anyhow- the short version is that these Tumbleweed people started off building a house on a trailer- so friggin cute!  The houses can actually be towed around with you!

See pictures to understand better-
 This is Ella- 24 years old and build her Tumbleweed to afford to live happily- built it for 15,000.
 We got a blow by blow on how to build this house- I swear I could do this!
 This is Paul- great guy who left Merges and acquisitions job in NYC (I think) to work for Tumbleweed!
 We actually got to SEE a Tumbleweed!  Coincidentally they had one being transported and they stopped by.  This is in Coolidge Corner!  You should have seen the attention it got!
 Front door
 Half way into the house, looking toward the front at the kitchen
 Bathroom off to the left
And Ella, strumming her banjo for all of us during a break.

Good fun, good folks, and thanks to my step-father for "dragging" me along.  I think I was the one making him stay by the end.  He knows a lot of building stuff, but I don't, so it was a great learning experience for me, but maybe a bit redundant for him!

Thanks for reading!