Monday, October 27, 2014


The Brush Creek Foundation for the Arts has invited me to be an artist in residence at their program!  I will be living in Saratoga, Wyoming for the whole month of February!

An artist residency is an opportunity for an artist to step out of their world and have the gift of time.  I will have my own room, my own studio, and all meals cooked for me.  I will be there with 6 other creative people- songwriters, painters, sculptures, and writers.

I am delighted and a little nervous now that I have been chosen.  I will be blogging occasionally from the Ranch- woohoo!



Thursday, September 25, 2014

Exciting news!

I am fortunate to have had a piece chosen by Elin Noble for a juried show called Multiplicities: New Directions in Fiber. The show will take place in Warren RI at the Imago Gallery October 17- November 8, 2014.

Confirmation that what you are making speaks to someone once in a while is so important. I am delighted!

There is going to be an opening on October 24, but I will update on that later. I may not be able to attend due to commitments for my Masters program.....



Monday, September 22, 2014

Well hello again!

Greetings everyone,

As many of you may know, and some may not, since I last posted my family and I moved to a new town in the Boston area. I now have a sun filled studio on the third floor of the house and I am thrilled about it!

I have been busy catching up on my MFA work and have also been applying to several residencies. Plans are in the works for another workshop soon, and this time it will be here in the Boston area. If anyone has ideas for great programs to teach in, please let me know. I am excited to share my ideas and techniques with more students and am on the hunt for great venues.

More soon....



Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Happy Spring everyone!

Hello all,

I am posting to celebrate that it seems spring is actually going to show itself this year, and boy do we need it.
I am also thrilled to announce that I will again be teaching a workshop in Bath Maine with my friend Darreby Ambler!

We have had great success and found it to be a relaxing, creative weekend for all. This year, it is on Mothers Day weekend! We thought it could be a treat for women looking for some "me" time.
Click on the link below for details.

On a different note, I have been touring colleges with my daughter and while in NYC, stopped in at St. John the Divine to check out the awesome steampunk Dragons!




Monday, March 10, 2014

Several weeks ago I purchased calla lilies as models for some drawing I was doing. As is my habit, I left them in the studio for way too long, and they died. As I was transporting them to the garbage, however, a leaf fell onto my drawing table, and I was inspired!
A new body of work is emerging now, and the relationship between the shape and feel of the bird skins and dead leaves is really speaking to me. They both represent beauty in death, and the fragile state of life for me.



Saturday, March 8, 2014

SDA Show- Fiber in thePresent Tense

Today was the opening of the Fiber in the present Tense show in New Bedford!

Here are a few shots of the opening-



Friday, February 28, 2014

Lots of News!

I have exciting news! I have been chosen to have a booth at the RISD alumni Holiday sale this coming Decmeber! Woo Hoo! More on that as the date gets closer.

More immediately, I will be speaking at the Belmont a Gallery of Art this Sunday at 2:00pm. Please stop by if you can!

And next weekend there is going to be an opening at Artworks! in New Bedford for the Surface Design Show that I have a piece in! The opening will be at 384 Acushnet rd, New Bedford, ma on Saturday March 8 2-4pm. Stop on by!

I am also working on new stuff-



Location:Warwick Rd,Belmont,United States

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Opening this Weekend!

We have a great exhibition at the Belmont Gallery of Art and this weekend is the opening!

Please stop by between 1-4 and say hi!  We are in the Homer Building (across from the Police Station in the Town Hall Complex.)  It will be fun to see what is being created on a daily basis right here in Belmont, and some of my pieces from the Alphabet Project will be on display.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Trip to NYC for supplies!

Ok- first of all, a great big thank you to David and Leah for a great weekend in NYC. We hit so many great locations- Mood (and I got to meet Swatch, the famous dog at Mood), Tinsel Trading, Purl in Soho, Uniqlo (crazy Japanese dept store on Broadway in Soho) and more. We also had a totally civilized afternoon Tea at Alice's Tea Cup, Japanese one night and Ollie's the other night! Lots of fun supplies came back with me to get the creative juices flowing for the second semester of my graduate work.



Monday, January 27, 2014

New Mounting for artwork!

I think I may have finally found a solution to the age old problem of "framing" fiber art.
Let me know what you think!



Friday, January 17, 2014

Heartwood MFA part II

Hello everyone!

I have been crazy busy with life in January, but feel I can see a light at the end of the tunnel, and time for my studio again!

To begin with, a recap:
Immediately after New Years, we had our first major critique at Heartwood. I presented my Alphabet project, and was given a chance to step back and look at the first large body of work for my masters program.
It went very well. I felt that I had truly given it everything I had, and the feedback was both helpful and encouraging.

The next step in the process is to pull the most successful pieces from this collection and expand on those ideas.

I have decided to continue to pursue the idea of memorializing the dead. I see beauty in death, and have always been fascinated by the ghosts that linger in old spaces. Learning from our past and watching how cultures celebrate the dead is a very telling exercise. Graveyards, mummification, taxidermy, burial ceremonies, etc. all tell us so much.

In this first piece, I have again painted bird skins (taxidermy birds that are often a century old), but this time I am focused on songbirds in particular. Along with my interest in the past, I have been paying close attention to the contemporary destruction of songbird populations as well as pollinators (birds, bats, bees). I have embroidered the poppies over the birds as a reference to the WWI poppies representing mourning.

My sketchbooks have been filling up with images of poppies and my Pinterest boards as well!

The next piece will be much more architectural in nature- hmmmm.... We will see how this goes!

Thanks for following!



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