Friday, October 25, 2013

Exciting demo from Michael Harding

Here in Belmont, some hard working artists have formed a group called the Belmont Art Association. I have just recently signed up and went to my first meeting last night.
When I arrived, I was told the person giving a demo was Michael Harding- a man who hand mixes and sells some of the most wonderful oil paint I have ever worked with! I was thrilled! He explained how he started the business and shared stories of how these amazing paints are made.

He and his wife Karyn were very helpful and generous with their time.

For an art geek like me, this was better than the World Series!



Sunday, October 13, 2013

Leaf bundle results...

Well, let's just say this was a lesson in patience!

The bundles got better each extra day I left them bundled. I am, however, incredibly impatient and so am now trying again with the leaves that showed the most promise!
This is what the bundles looked like...

This is apiece of delicate silk that may not have retained the leaf image so much, but lovely tea staining happened which will work for me.....

This one holds the most promise. These were the only leaves with no fall color to them that I pressed. They appear, however, to be the best at leaving behind color. I am doing this bundle again!

And this is the last one- the mirror image of this leaf turned out subtle, but clear.



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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Eco-dying with leaves

I have been experimenting with Eco-dying, inspired by India Flint- fabric dying extraordinaire!
These are images of the bundles in the steamer basket....

And later lined up on my counter. I have to be strong and patient- soooooo hard to do! They should stay bundled (in other words- no peeking!) for several days at least.

I will update when they are unbundled!


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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Alphabet project...

This piece is silk, linen, and cotton organdy. I have painted and then stitched the surface to connect the layers.

I have also done some French knot work to define the smaller feather.

Loving the process!
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Another piece in the alphabet project...

This piece is called "Torn". I have Eco-dyed (India Flint inspired) silk and then painted the fabric with watercolors. After that I stitched it with beads and French knots to attach it to a lovely remnant of silk velvet.

I am so enjoying the exploratory process this project is encouraging. There will be 26 total pieces by December. Each piece a little different, but all leading me down the same path toward a bigger vision.


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