Sunday, September 13, 2015

Newton Community Education


I will be offering two classes this winter at Newton Community Education!

The first- Painted and Stitched Tapestries- will focus on watercolor and hand embroidery.
The second- Sculptural Baskets- will offer two techniques for basket making- coiling and twining.

I am very excited to be teaching locally and hope many MA followers will sign up!  More information with dates will follow once the schedule is complete.


Sunday, August 9, 2015

New Classes

Hello everyone,

In my recent flurry of activity, not only am I developing a new body of work, but I am also proposing a new class or two for the fall.

The first is a class where I teach the basics of painting with watercolors, and then I show how to add embroidery to the painting.  The second one is a faster class- a few hours- creating collages to make into "zines"- hand made pamphlets or booklets to share.

Cross your fingers that there is some interest from one of the schools I am sending the proposals to!

Here are a few pictures of the samples I have created to illustrate the watercolor/ stitching class.

Once again, thanks for following!


Saturday, August 8, 2015

New water colors for sale!

I will be displaying my small daily paintings in my office soon, but thought I'd give my blog readers a sneak peak!

Each painting is 7x10" and is unframed. They are 100.00 and can be shipped.

I have been inspired by a farmers market theme at the moment. More to come...


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Monday, August 3, 2015

Fabulous Opening!

What a wonderful night. Not only did the gallery really think about the best way to hang my piece, but I was able to meet, and thank, the juror- David Ross, the former director of the Whitney.
Many friends came too! RISD classmates, friends from Maine- I was thrilled!
The folks at the gallery encouraged me to apply again next year as well. Absolutely!

And as a funny aside- one of my favorite living artists- Mr. finch- a young British fiber artist- had a show across the street I was able to attend. Such a great night!

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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Bird Watching

Hey all,

Lately I have been getting more questions about what my work means- what is my message.  The following is the statement I use to describe my work and the issues I am concerned with that drive me to make the art...

“Bird Watching”­  Finding power and confidence as a woman in a still male dominated society and creating art that discusses the role of women

Women are at a crossroads. ­We are no longer simply fighting for equality, but must now fight to be fully represented, involved and lead.
Reinventing how others view us, and how we see ourselves, will be a crucial factor in this endeavor.

My artwork juxtaposes aging and death with couture design elements.  Using images of bird skins (taxidermy birds in museums) I am stirring up an old nickname­-birds- that men once used to refer to women. Some would argue that the term isn’t derogatory, and
others would disagree. I believe the term makes women into creatures to be dressed up or
cared for­-to be owned. The petticoats and crinolines I add to my banners refer to the idea of
“dressing” a woman, often times as society expects and to please a man. However, the
confusion in my mind lies in the fact that many women, including myself, are happy and
confident when dressed up in ball gowns and flattering clothing and what does that mean for the struggle.

My work discusses the predicament I find myself in with this topic. It’s difficult to confront aging, wilting, dying, which “diminishes” a woman’s value in our world. However, having “dressed up” the wilting flowers, or dead birds, I am flipping the idea back on itself and creating beauty. So does the seemingly misogynous notion that women should be dressed up to be noticed fly in the face of being a feminist? And how does one keep her confidence in a society that sees less value in a woman as she ages? And how will we continue the struggle for full inclusion?

I hope this helps!



Tuesday, July 21, 2015

First Street Gallery, NYC!

Greeting everyone!

Yesterday was exciting.  I drove to NYC to drop off my piece for the show at First Street Gallery!  I dragged a friend along (thanks Lisa) and we did the round trip Boston- NYC- Boston- with a break in the middle for sushi, wine, and a little shopping in Soho.  Fun day and, thankfully, easy drive.  For anyone who cannot be in NYC this Thursday evening, I will post some pictures when I return!

The show opens Thursday- 526 West 26th Street, NY, NY 6-8PM- please join me if you are in the area!



Monday, June 15, 2015

First Street Gallery

Hello again!

I have just seen the list of artists included in this show and I am 1 of only 20!  So, so exciting.  The juror, David A. Ross, is the former director of the Whitney Museum of American Art.  What an honor this is!

I want to extend the invite to anyone who may be in NYC on July 23 to come to the opening.  It would be such an honor to have you all there.



Sunday, June 14, 2015

A residency piece will be shown in NYC!!

Hello all!

I am writing to announce that I will have a piece at the First Street Gallery this summer.  It is part of a National juried exhibition for MFA students and recent graduates.

The opening will be on July 23rd at 6PM- if you are in the area, please stop by!



Friday, April 10, 2015

Thursday, January 22, 2015


In 10 days I will be leaving for Wyoming! Clear crisp blue skies, big mountains, solitude and much time to create! Brush Creek Artist Residency in Saratoga, Wyoming will be home for the month of February. I will have a private room and bathroom, a private studio, and they will be cooking my meals for me! Heaven!

I am hoping to update this blog occasionally while at the residency.

Stay tuned!