Saturday, September 14, 2013

Artwork delivered!

Today I delivered 5 pieces- 3 watercolor paintings and 2 French knot paintings- to a gallery in Falmouth, Maine. Couleur Collection invited me to participate in their Autumn group show- very exciting!

I drove to Maine and back this morning to get the pieces there in time. Now, back to the MFA work!


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Friday, September 13, 2013


I am beginning a program to get my Masters in Fine Arts! It is a low-residency program through Heartwood College of Art which means I do most of the work from my studio at home. They provide mentors to help me through the process and "classmates" to meet with once a semester.
I am giddy over this whole thing!
My first assignment is to create 26 pieces, all related in subject matter, size, and material. This is a big assignment!
I struggled with how to approach this- paintings, drawings, stitching, French knots?? So I stepped back and looked at everything that I love the most- what ends up in my sketchbooks, what surrounds me in my studio, the subject matter that I seem to circle back to over and over- and I decided to do assemblages. I am layering linen, cotton organdy, wool Melton, etc and painting and stitching the layers. Using birds as my inspiration- feathers, nests, eggs, and birds are all involved. I am also drawn to muted colors and natural dyes, so much of the color will be subtle.

My work table!

One of the first pieces.

I will be occasionally posting progress-

Wish me luck!


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