Thursday, February 9, 2012

3 days left!

On the suggestion of friends- A quick explanation of the motivation behind my new Needlework business- I, as many of you know, am a massage therapist and artist. Many clients come in overwhelmed and stressed from multi-tasking their way through life. We MUST slow down. Stitching is a beautiful way to accomplish this- you cannot stitch (well) while talking on a cell phone, or looking at emails. I call it forced "single-tasking"- a chance to let you mind rest and make something with your hands.
Please consider helping me aquire the last few thousand dollars necessary to see this project happen. I have put many thousands into it already- this is just the finish line i am trying to cross.

And here is a picture of my daughter's lakefront at her camp- her place to go and just be.

Thank in advance for your help!


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